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Dragon Bracelets

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dragbracelet_s.jpg - 2.79 K
DR730 - Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet - A beautiful piece in sterling silver. This dragon crawls around your wrist in captured fluid motion. Slightly flexible, this bracelet is open at the back so that it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. Solid US .925 silver.
roardragbrace_s.jpg - 3.04 K
Flying Dragon Link Bracelet - a fun 7" bracelet with 10 small little dragon links, pairs facing each other. These are great and we brought in the matching earrings and charms for these guys. Solid .925 silver.
AW2_s.jpg - 2.83 K
AW2 - Wyverex Dragon Wristwatch - A dragon lover's dream timepeace. Both bracelet and watch together to create a large, impressive watch. Pewter and a high quality watch face created exclusively for Alchemy are brought together by the best.
goth_dragon_bracelet_s.jpg - 6.61 K
Gothic Dragon Cuff Bracelet - This beautiful Gothic Dragon Cuff Bracelet is aproximately 1 1/2" wide. The dragon's head is carefully detailed down to the last tooth and the wings curve gracefully to fit the curvature of the wrist. This cuff bracelet is available in two sizes. Small/Medium and Large.
gothic_dragon_head_s.jpg - 4.28 K
Gothic Dragon Head Link Bracelet - This wonderful bracelet is part of Marty's newest Gothic Dragon Collection. A 5 link bracelet is 7" long, a perfect size for most women or a smaller boned man. Each detailed dragon head link is 1 1/4" long and completely three dimentional. This bracelet is wonderfully heavy but very comfortable to wear. (Additional links may be added for £35 per link.)
A40_s.jpg - 7.95 K
A40 - Runering - Dragon Strap - The runes of genesis, protected by the skeletal remains of a guardian-dragon; on an adjustable, black leather strap. The wonderful ring in the dragons mouth has runes on it and the leather strap is super comfortable.
dragonchain_s.jpg - 6.26 K
Dragon Infinity Bracelet - These tiny solid sterling silver dragons curl back on themselves creating the symbol of eternity, lending a name to this beautiful bracelet. Each dragon is finished on all sides and is slightly curved to properly fit the curve of your wrist. This bracelet comes in at slightly over 7 inches and additional 1 inch links can be added for £17.50 each upon request. Solid US .925 silver.
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