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Dragon Scent

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DBresin_s.jpg - 7.30 K
Dragons Blood Resin Incense Tin - An ancient incense used for love, protection and to exorcize negative energies. This powerful cleansing smoke will bring balance and clarity wherever it is used. Must be used on charcoal. This resin is in large chunks and is of a lower grade than our powdered dragons blood which is the highest grade, finest available on the market. This is best used by people who may be unfamiliar with the scent or when used as an offering and not burnt as incense.
Dragons Blood High Quality Resin An ancient incense used for love, protection and to exorcize negative energies. This powerful cleansing smoke will bring balance and clarity wherever it is used. Must be used on charcoal. This is the top quality best of the best. 25grams (about 1 oz)
JODRA_s.gif - 3.60 K
Winged Dragon Oil Vials. These wonderful hanging oil vials come with a wax cord so you can wear them right away. They have a 1/2 dram (US size) cobalt blue oil vial with screw-on top for ease of use and a wonderful spread-winged dragon in pewter attached to the lid perched in protective form - really beautiful. It seals tightly to prevent leakage and can be used for spells, oils or anything.
dragmagicvial_s.jpg - 5.85 K
Corked Dragon Vial - This is a wonderful clear glass vial with a dragon rising from a ruined castle and you can see his belly scales through the glass. Small wings stretch out with his head peaking around to one side. Gripping the glass vial, this is a great pendant for fairy dust, treasure or anything...
oildragpend_s.jpg - 3.97 K
Dragon Hanging oil vial - I am a huge dragon fan myself and when I saw these cuties I had to get them! Pot bellied dragons hide a glass oil vial with a cork stopper within their seated bodies. They have a loop at their tail to go on a cord or will sit comfortably on a desk, windowsill or on an altar. You can keep blessing oil, perfume or whatever in this large vial and they make a wonderful gift
incenseholder_s.jpg - 7.51 K
Dragon full length incense burner with shimmering wings - wonderfully magnificent created in ceramic asnd hand painted and imported exclusively to us. This 12" dragon starts with a snarl, teeth exposed in a growl. Moving back, the head is on a long neck extended up from the body which is long and low. The beautiful wings are slightly open and folded down so it is not too high but you still get the magnificence of the wings. This trails back to the tail which curls around in a loop at the end of his long body. Wonderful as a decorative piece but actually an incense holder.
dragonincense_s.jpg - 3.15 K
Dragon Incense Holder - This cute dragon looks like he's begging for a tidbit but really her is perfectly positioned to take an incense stick in his mouth and hold it over a celtic knotwork decorated ash catcher.
Dragon Incense and Candle Holder - The head of the dragon holds the stick, the wing tips create the ash catcher and the tail holds the candle. A beautiful and functional piece of beauty for all dragon lovers.
dragonsfire_s.jpg - 2.67 K
Dragon Fire - This spicy blend aids creativity and inspiration. It's warmth brings an atmosphere of friendship and cheer. Dragon Fire brings the Sun into your home. Use it to create a festive holiday mood at gatherings and celebrations. Magickally it is the scent of elemental fire and can be used to represent the energy of the South. Burn this blend before starting new projects to give creativity and energy.
AO1_s.jpg - 3.25 K
AO1 - Draco Aerius Incense Burner - The 'Dragon of the Air' exotic Alchemical Spells incense retort, from the laboratory of Dr. Van Rosenstien. Individually hand made in glass and aged pewter with topaz crystal ball feet, the incense sticks are suspended inside the cylinder while burning, creating a magical smocked effect - and no mess. A glass replacement service is available if the glass is damaged during its lifetime.
newmoonincense_s.jpg - 2.77 K
Dragons Blood Stick Incense from Celtic Moon - this is the most popular incense from Celtic Moon available. Everyone who smells it, buys it. This dragons blood has a unique scent that very closely resembles the resin unlike other stick incense. You'll love this incense. Each pack has at least 15 hand-dipped sticks of incense. Our incense is purchased in as high quality Indian resin blanks with thin slivers of wood and are then hand-dipped into uncut dragons blood oil comprised of both fragrance oil and genuine dragons blood oil. They are then dried in a ritual area and hand-packed for freshness.
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